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Outlook 2007 Cannot Connect To Server?

The Microsoft Office Outlook is an excellent client for configuring all your email accounts on a single platform. But, when it does not connect to the server, it can be really annoying. There is a way that Outlook is in offline mode if your outlook 2007 cannot connect to server

Disable Offline Option:

If you are using Outlook 2007, perform the following steps:

Click the File menu and click the checkbox next to the option Work Offline. If you see the option enabled, uncheck the Work Offline option.

If you are using Outlook 2010 and versions above, perform the following steps:

  • Click on the Send/Receive tab and navigate to the option Work Offline.
  • Click the Offline button.
  • This will show you a message reading 'Trying to Connect.' Once the Outlook connects to the server, your connectivity issue is solved.


  • Restart your MS Outlook application if the connectivity to the outlook 2007 cannot connect to server.
  • Sometimes, restarting an application can be a quick solution.
  • Click the x mark at the top-right corner of the window to close the application.
  • This step will fix the connection issue, and when you restart the application again, the Outlook will try to regain the lost connection, and you might find the server connection enabled this time.
  • It might be due to the computer having connectivity issues to the router.
  • Check to see if the connection is stable and the cables are connected appropriately.
  • Try opening the web browser and enter a different website to see if the connection is the problem, you can save a lot of time on this regard.

Rebuild the Application:

  • Outlook uses two types of data files that may lead to errors and can cause connectivity problems. Follow the steps given below to resolve:
  • Close the Outlook application.
  • Click the Start button and open the Control Panel.
  • Click on the mail icon, depending on the windows explorer.
  • Click the Data Files option from the opening window.
  • Select the Data file and click on the Open Data Location.
  • You can locate the data file in the prompt.
  • If you find the file with the .ost extension, you can rename the extension to .OLD. 
  • If the file has the extension .pst, just leave the option as it is.
  • Close these windows and open Outlook. If the outlook 2007 cannot connect to server issue remains unresolved.

Repair the installation

You can repair the installation of the Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. It helps in solving the common problems and helps in fixing the repair.

  • Follow the steps in the given order to fix the outlook 2007 cannot connect to server:
  • Open the control panel from the Start button of your Windows Operating system.
  • Navigate to the Programs & Features option and locate the file entry of the Microsoft installation.
  • Click the Change button.
  • Select Repair in the next window and click Continue.
  • Click the checkbox next to Allow the repair option to complete the repair installation.
  • You can now reboot your computer.
  • Once the reboot is done, restart the Outlook application and see if the connection error exists.

Recreate your profile in Outlook

  • If the above methods don't resolve the error, you can resort to the last step.
  • You can recreate your Outlook account in the MS Outlook profile.
  • To create a new profile, you need to get the basic account settings and the information to set up your new account.

Follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Control Panel from the Start button on your Windows home screen.
  • Open the Mail option and click Show Profiles.
  • Click Add (+).
  • You can now give your profile a name.
  • Open the Setup wizard in the Outlook application.
  • Once the profile starts working, you can set the profile as default and remove or delete the old outlook profile and fix the issue outlook 2007 cannot connect to server.
outlook 2007 cannot connect to server