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Office 365 Online Archive Not Working

This page will help you to resolve the Office 365 online archive not working issue. An online archive is a feature that provides extra space for users to store their data. You can use the Microsoft Outlook application and Outlook web to access the archived messages. Now, if you’re unable to open the archive mails, then check the default retention policy.

Office 365 online archive not working

Make sure that the users and other default retention policies are the same. To confirm it, follow the instructions given below.

  • First, sign in to EAC using your Office 365 credentials.
  • After signing in, click the Recipients tab.
  • Select the Mailboxes option.
  • Now, the user accounts that are configured on Office 365 will be displayed on the screen.
  • Select the user for whom you’re encountering the issue.
  • Click Mailbox features > Retention policy. If the policy types are the same, then initiate MRM to fix this issue.
  • To do so, sign in to Exchange Online PowerShell using your admin account credentials.
  • Now, locate Start-ManagedFolderAssistant-Identity”Chris.” 
  • In the above line, replace Chris with the mailbox alias.

Now, try to access the online archive folder. If the Office 365 online archive not working issue persists, then perform the following solutions.

Solution 1: Update Office 365 mail settings

  • Check if the Outlook application is up-to-date. 
  • If not, update the application and then try to access the online archive.

Solution 2: Check the license type on your settings

  • Check if you have provided the correct license type to the affected user account.
  • To check it, open the Office 365 admin center and verify it.
  • If you have assigned the incorrect license type to your account, then assign it correctly and check whether the issue is resolved.

Solution 3: Disable or turn off Automatic Detect settings

  • Check if the Automatic Detect Settings option is enabled on your web browser.
  • On the Internet Explorer browser, click the Tools menu
  • Select Internet Options > Connections > Settings.
  • If the Automatic Detect Setting option is enabled, disable it and then try open online archives.

Solution 4: Use Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

If the Office 365 online archive not working issue persists, then scan the Office 365 application using the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant tool. This tool would resolve all the issues related to Office 365.