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How To Fix Origin Password Reset Not Working? 

Origin accounts have changed to Electronic Arts (EA), which is used to register for online games and other services. When you try to access the EA account, there are chances you might have forgotten the password for the access your EA account again, you have to reset the password. Sometimes, doing a password reset can be annoying, continue to read to learn how to fix origin password reset not working issue.

origin password reset not working


  • Launch the Origin program on your computer and click the Forget your password? link.
  • After that, enter the account ID, which is not your email address and click Send. 
  • Now, the developers will send a password reset link to the parent email address of the EA account that help to fix the issue origin password reset not working.
  • You can open the email account and click the link to proceed with the password reset.


  • Open the web browser window on the device and visit the official Origin website.
  • In the Sign In section, select the Forget your password? link.
  • Follow the same steps mentioned in the previous method.


  • Another way to reset is to go to the official Star Wars The Old Republic webpage from the browser.
  • Select the Login button at the upper-right side of the page and create a new account.
  • After that, log in to the SWTOR account using the login credentials and add the Origin account email address to the account.
  • Select Save and log out of the SWTOR account.
  • Open the login page again and click the Forgot your password? link.
  • The page requests for the email address that you registered on the SWTOR account.
  • Now, open the email account and check for the SWTOR email message.
  • Open the email and change the password for the SWTOR. Now the issue origin password reset not working is fixed. mail Settings