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How To Fix Mailer Daemon Failure Notice?

When you send an email from your Daemon mail account, if the mail could not be sent, then the Mailer Daemon returns the email with the reason for detaining the mail as a mailer daemon failure notice to your mail account. This mail service of the Daemon is an automated one, and the service applies to all the refrained emails from the sender. When there is a lot of failure notice on the account, it can lead to data hacking and the virus attack of the device. You can stop this service from Mailer Daemon by following the below measures;

1. Detect virus & malware

  • Turn off all the internet service that you are using to access the Daemon mail account on the computer. 
  • With a reliable malware detector tool, scan the system to find any malicious files.
  • If you find any, note down the name of the file and delete it using a remover software tool if it is not you get the mailer daemon failure notice .
  • Reconnect your computer to the internet and open the mail account.
  • Check if you have received any emails from the same sender name or with the subject name; if so, go on to delete those emails without opening them.
mailer daemon failure notice

2. Report Spam

  • When you find the failure, notification emails to be intriguing, then open the options list of the email.
  • Select the spam menu to report the email as spam, after which the email is moved to the Spam folder.
  • Otherwise, you can move the spam emails to the Trash or Junk folder on the email.

3. Set the filter

  • If you find the emails are having the same mail address or the subject name, then open the Settings menu.
  • Following it, select Filters and then create a filter for the same sender or subject title and finally set filter to delete the email automatically and then to fix the mailer daemon failure notice .