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Konica Minolta Smtp Server Connection Error 

Konica Minolta is a multifunctional printer that helps the user to perform a wide range of innovative printing functions. This printer supports wireless, USB cable, and wired network connections. To perform the scan to email operation on this Konica printer, you have to configure the smtp server connection. If not, there is a chance for you to encounter the Konica Minolta SMTP server connection error. To overcome this error, follow the instructions given below.

Konica Minolta SMTP server connection error
  • Mostly, the Konica Minolta SMTP server connection error occurs due to incorrect SMTP settings.
  • So, as a first step, check if you have entered the SMTP server information correctly.
  • If not, re-configure the SMTP settings correctly.
  • After making the changes, check if you have configured the outgoing email account correctly.
  • If not, re-configure it and then check if the SMTP server connection error is resolved.
  • Make sure that your Konica Minolta printer can see the email server to which you are sending.
  • If your printer is not able to see it, then it might be due to an incorrect printer address or the MX record might not be cached correctly.
  • Try to access the DNS records and make changes if required.
  • For Office 365 users: Click the Setup tab followed by Domains.
  • Select your domain from the displayed list.
  • Insert the server name that you would normally use while setting up the SMTP server.
  • Click the OK button.
  • If the Konica Minolta SMTP server connection error persists, then check if your printer is connected to the internet.
  • To check it, go to your Konica Minolta printer’s Utility section.
  • Select the Administrator Settings option followed by Network Settings.
  • Click Details Settings > Ping Confirmation.
  • Try to ping different values until the process gets completed.
  • Contact us to get remote assistance to solve the Konica Minolta SMTP server connection error.