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How To Fix Iphone Ghost Touch Issue? 

Ghost touch is a commonly reported issue on iPhone. To know how to resolve the iPhone ghost touch problem quickly, refer to the easy instructions given on this web page.

iPhone Ghost touch

Wiping the iPhone’s touchscreen

  • Turn off your iPhone.
  • Plug out any connected cables.
  • Wipe the touchscreen with a soft and clean lint-free cloth.
  • You can also dampen the cloth with warm water to clear all the debris in the touchscreen.
  • After cleaning, turn on the iPhone.

Screen protector and iPhone’s case

  • The screen protector might disrupt the touchscreen.
  • Remove the screen protector carefully.
  • If you have a hard case protecting the iPhone, remove it.

Restarting the iPhone

  • Press and the Power and Volume button at the same time.
  • Once you see a slider on the screen, swipe the slider to the right.
  • Now, hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • This will start the iPhone again to fix the issue iPhone Ghost touch.

Force restart

  • iPhone 8 or later - Press the volume up button and then release it quickly.
  • Hold the volume down button and then release it.
  • Hold the Power button until the Apple logo displays on the screen.
  • iPhone 7 - Hold the volume down and the Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously.
  • Release these buttons when you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Updating iOS

  • Go to the Settings application on the iPhone and select the General option followed by the Software Update option. Tap the ‘Download and Install’ option.
  • If you have already downloaded the iOS update, tap the Install option instead of Download and Install.
  • This will install the most recent version of iOS software. And help to avoid this iPhone Ghost touch issue.

Factory reset

  • On the Settings screen, choose the General option and tap the Reset option.
  • Select the ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ option followed by the Erase option.
  • This will delete all the settings and data on the iPhone.

Recovery mode

  • Back up all your data from the iPhone.
  • Establish a connection between the iPhone and your computer.
  • Launch iTunes on the computer.
  • Press and release the volume up button followed by the volume down button.
  • Hold the side button to enter the Recovery Mode.
  • If you see the ‘There is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored’ message on iTunes, click the Update or Restore option. Check if the ghost touch problem on the iPhone has been resolved.

Note: The above step will wipe all your iPhone data. So it is better that you have a backup before proceeding with the troubleshooting methods.

You can also get assistance from our technical experts in resolving this iPhone Ghost touch problem. All you have to do is click the Call button.