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Imap Security Concerns 

Incoming Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is a standard protocol used by most of the web-based email users while they access their email accounts from an email client. A copy of all the messages you receive through the IMAP protocol will be saved on its server. The IMAP protocol uses the SSL security feature for encryption. But, there are Imap security concerns. It is because IMAP uses some complex protocols to secure your account.Basically, the IMAP protocol was designed to accept the plaintext login credentials.In most of the cases, there is a chance for this feature to be misused by hackers.Another cause that leads to the IMAP Security issue is the lack of support for strong authentication.

Imap security concerns
  • This section will help you to fix the security issues that occur while using IMAP to access email accounts.
  • The initial step is to tighten the IMAP Security options and build the Imap security concerns.
  • Always make sure to configure the IMAP protocol settings correctly.
  • Wrong configurations might also lead to IMAP Security problems.
  • Check if you have entered the port number correctly.
  • The default port number of IMAP is 143. It is used to serve the requests from the email clients.
  • But, while using the TLS security option, you have to specify the IMAP port number as 993. 
  • You can make use of your computer’s firewall to secure IMAP.
  • Create or use firewall rules to block remote access of your IMAP servers.
  • Create a zero-trust model so that the users can’t access the IMAP Service options without MFA.
  • If you find any unauthenticated remote access, then disable it by reconfiguring your IMAP server settings.
  • Use the multifactor authentication option to access your account over remote access.
  • If you face IMAP security issues even after trying the above methods to build the Imap security concerns, contact us.