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How to Fix Gmail Security Issues?  

For more than a decade, numerous people have been using Gmail as their preferred email service. Gmail can be accessed using an Internet browser or from an email client. In order to keep your Gmail account secure, you have to run a Google Security Checkup, a Privacy Checkup, and change Google's settings. And also people can face the Gmail security issues.

Let us go through each of the processes to keep your account secure.

Gmail security issues

Google Security Checkup:

  • From a web browser on your computer, go to the Security Checkup page of Google.
  • Log into your Gmail account and then press the Get Started button.
  • Follow the steps on the page and complete the security checkup it help to avoid Gmail security issues.
  • The security recommendations that you would be provided are discussed below.
  • Recovery Options: You can add or update the recovery options like alternate email address and phone number. This will help you recover your Gmail account if your account has been compromised. The steps to add or update the recovery options are as follows.
  • Navigate to your Google accounts page and click Personal info on the left panel.
  • On the Contact info sections, you can choose either the phone number or email address as your recovery option.
  • Now, from the available options, you can add your phone number or email. Or else, if you have already added your recovery option, you can change it.
  • 2-Step Verification: Having the 2-step verification feature turned on keeps your Gmail account secure, even if someone gets hold of your email password. Also, you have to choose stronger verification options like Security Keys or Google Prompts.
  • Access to less secure apps: Turn off the access for less secure apps on your Gmail account. Allowing access to less secure apps will make your Gmail account vulnerable to threats.

Updating the software:

  • If you are facing security issues while accessing your Gmail account on your device, then to fix this issue, you have to consider updating the following.
  • Operating System of your device.
  • Web browser used to access Gmail.
  • Email client applications used to access Gmail.

Change the Gmail password:

  • Having the same password for your Gmail account over a long period of time will make your account vulnerable.
  • You must consider changing the Gmail password frequently so that no one could guess it. This will make your Gmail account secure.
  • Also, make sure that the password you enter is strong enough. Avoid using a weak password for your Gmail account. If you are using weak password it will lead to get a Gmail security issues.

Remove browser extension:

  • Browser extensions that you might have thought would be helpful might actually be one of the major threats for your email account.
  • Open your web browser and delete all the unwanted extensions and add-ins that you have installed in your browser.
  • Carrying out the steps given above would help you fix the Gmail security issues.