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Fixing Gmail Certificate Error 

If you see the Gmail certificate error in your Google Chrome web browser, carry out the procedures given on this web page until the problem is resolved.

Procedure 1 - Updating Date/Time

  • This problem might occur if the date and time on your computer are incorrect.
  • Press the Win and R keys together on the keyboard to open the Run dialog box on the screen.
  • Type ‘control’ without the single quotes in the Open field and click the OK option.
  • Navigate to the View By drop-down menu and choose the Large Icons option.
  • Select the Date and Time option, navigate to the Internet Time tab, click the Change Settings option.
  • Select the checkbox next to the ‘Synchronize with an Internet time server’ option and click the Update Now option followed by the OK option.
  • If any error is seen on the screen while updating the time, modify the Server field and click Update Now -> OK.
  • Launch the Google Chrome web browser again and check if the Gmail certificate error is resolved.
Gmail Certificate Error

Procedure 2 - Certificate Revocation Settings

  • Open the Run dialog box by holding the Win and R keys at the same time.
  • To launch the Control Panel window, type ‘control’ without including the single quotes in the Open bar and click OK.
  • Choose the Large icons option from the Internet Options drop-down list and click the Internet Options option.
  • When the Internet Options dialog box opens, go to the Advanced tab and deselect the checkbox next to the following options.
  • Check for publisher’s certificate revocation
  • Check for server certificate revocation
  • Select the OK option in the Internet Options window, re-launch the Google Chrome web browser, and access the Gmail account.

Procedure 3 - Re-installing The Google Chrome Web Browser

  • Navigate to the Control Panel window and click the Programs and Features option.
  • Search for the Google Chrome web browser, right-click it, and select the Uninstall option.
  • Download the latest version of Google Chrome and access the Gmail account.
  • If the certificate error continues, disable the antivirus program installed on the computer.
  • If needed, click the Call button available on this web page.
  • Our technical support member assists you in resolving the Gmail certificate error in the Google Chrome web browser.