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Getting a Disk Quota Error On My PC 

Every Linux system administrator allocates certain disk space for the system files, which is known as disk quota. When the limited disk quota has been used up, and the web hosting servers try to store a new file, you get the error message “Disk Quota Exceeded.” The users encounter a common error when the disk quota exceeds the group disk or home directory. Sometimes, temporary files of the system are stored on the home directory, so make sure not to use the home directory for temporary webserver files. Read more on how to fix getting a disk quota error.

getting a disk quota error

1. Remove old web files

  • Check the Trash folder, Spam folders, and other mail accounts for unwanted files and emails.
  • Look for the following on the system and remove them:
  • Old web app log
  • Temporary backup
  • Old backup
  • Application files
  • It is not easy to find these files on the system. So open the Terminal and run the below command that helps to stop getting a disk quota error.
  • du –hm –max-depth=1 | sort –k1,1 –nr 
  • This will list the files present in the directory on the terminal window.
  • Go through the files list and find out the unwanted files consuming the disk space.

2. Check if inodes have exceeded

  • Sometimes you might have enough disk space, but you could have reached the maximum limit of inodes. Inodes are the file entries supported by the file system. The number of inodes can lead to the disk quota error.
  • Verify if there is enough disk space on the system. Then perform a scan to find the folders or directories that have the maximum number of inodes.
  • After scanning, go to the identified location, and delete the unnecessary files.

3. Correct quota table

  • The system can store the temporary files in the user quota or group quota on the hard disk.
  • With more number of files, there are chances for malware attack that could cause the disk quota error.
  • Turn off the web services, disable the quota, and create a new quota or partition. And the issue getting a disk quota error is solved