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Error: Cox Smtp Server Not Working 

f the SMTP server for COX email is not working, you won’t be able to send emails through any email client. In case you have not given the correct server name or port number while configuring the Cox email account in your email client, the Cox Smtp server not working. If you want to send an email message using a third-party email client and you can’t send it from the Cox email, proceed with the steps that are given below to fix the issue. 

Cox Smtp server not working
  • If you have given incorrect SMTP settings while authentication then the error Cox Smtp server not working is ocuur, enter the correct SMTP settings on your email client to start sending messages.
  • Remove the existing Cox email account from your email client.
  • Click Add account and enter the correct details to authenticate the account.
  • The full SMTP server credentials to use the COX email for any email client are mentioned below.
  • Enter your full name and cox email address correctly in the information section.
  • Make sure to type the first part of your email address before @ in the Username section.
  • Enter the correct password of your Cox email account.
  • Choose the account type as IMAP for the incoming mail server.
  • The incoming mail server address is For SSL enabled connection, the port number is 993. Also, click the authentication checkbox to enable it.
  • The outgoing mail settings are as follows: The server address for SMTP is The port number for the SSL connection is 465, and the port number for the TLS connection is 587.
  • In the Use SSL/TLS section, select Yes to enable the encrypted connection.
  • Once you have added your email account and configured it correctly, you will be able to send emails.
  • Check whether the Cox Smtp server not working issue has been fixed.