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How to Email Large Files?

When you are sending an email, the maximum size of the email can be up to 10MB. if the size exceeds 10 MB, then there is a high chance for the server to reject the email. However, Gmail has an exception, the user can send up to 25MB data on the email to another Gmail user, but for the other email services, the standard email size limit remains 10MB. Another thing to understand is that the email gets encrypted during the transmission, which enlarges the email size; thus, even the exact 10MB sized email cannot get delivered in standard email service. The following two methods help to know how to email large files size attachments to the email

Using storage service:

  • One way is to store the large file in a cloud storage servicelike Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Mail Drop, or OneDrive.
  • After you open the email account, go on to create a new email.
  • Click the Drive icon in the email window to attach the link of the large file present in your cloud storage drive.
  • By this, the drive link is attached to the email, and it is ready for being sent.

Compress & split the file:

  • Select your large file on the computer and compress it to the ZIP format.
  • Use a third-party tool to split the compressed file into multiple small parts.
  • When you are sending the email, attach each separate part to one email, and send them in an orderly way.
  • If the recipient downloads the files in the same orderly way, then there will not be any confusion in the file continuation nor to know how to email large files?.

    Use another sending service:

  • You can get online services for sending large files on the internet. But make sure to use a reliable service.
  • After you upload, the service provides the link. Copy the link and attach it to the email.
  • The online services may charge for the service so for you have to know how to email large files, and it is also not a secure option to share your private files.
How to email large files