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How To Configure Sympatico Email Settings?  

If you do not want to access your Sympatico email account from a web browser ever time, you can configure it on any of the email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Windows Mail. To manually set up your Sympatico email account on an email client, the Sympatico email settings are mandatory. The incoming mail and outgoing mail server settings for the Sympatico email account are given here.

Sympatico email settings

Incoming Mail Server

  • Server name - (IMAP) or (POP)
  • Port - 993 (IMAP) or 995 (POP)
  • SSL - Required

Outgoing Mail Server

  • Server name - (SMTP)
  • Port - 25 (insecure) or 587 (secure)
  • SSL/TLS - Required
  • Check if the issue is resolved.
  • If not, turn on Wi-Fi and turn off mobile data.
  • If you encounter the data connection problem while using mobile data, then try the suggestions mentioned below.
  • Make sure that the Mobile data or Cellular data option is enabled on your Android device.
  • If not, enable it.
  • If Mobile data is already on, then turn it off and again turn the data on.
  • Check if there is a data indicator beside the signal strength.
  • If not, check if the Wi-Fi option is enabled.

Below are the guidelines to configure the Sympatico email settings on the Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Windows 10 Mail email clients.

Microsoft Outlook 2016

Step 1

  • Open Microsoft Outlook 2016 email client and click the File tab at the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Click Add Account -> Manual setup or additional server type -> Next -> POP or IMAP -> Next.

Step 2

User Information

Provide your name and the email address of the Sympatico email account in the Your Name and Email Address fields, respectively.

Server information

  • Account Type - Choose POP or IMAP
  • Provide the correct incoming server name in the Incoming Mail Server field.
  • Type in the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) field.

Login Information

Fill both the User Name and Password fields correctly.

Step 3

  • To save the email account password, checkmark the Remember Password option.
  • Go to the Deliver new messages to section and click the radio button next to the New Outlook Data File option.

Step 4

To change additional settings of Sympatico email settings, click the More Settings option.

Outgoing Server

  • Select the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication option.
  • Advanced
  • Set your encryption type

Step 5

  • Once done with all the server settings, click OK -> Next.
  • The Microsoft Outlook 2016 email client starts to test the Sympatico email account.
  • Select the Finish option to exit the installation wizard.

Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Launch the main window of the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.
  • Go to the Create a new account section and click the Email link.
  • Select the ‘Skip this and use my existing email’ option and fill the Your Name, Email Address, and Password fields.
  • Select the radio button beside the IMAP or POP option and click the Manual config option.
  • Provide the incoming server and outgoing server details correctly, choose the Normal Password option from the Authentication drop-down menu.
  • After you click the Done option, the Mozilla Thunderbird email client adds the Sympatico email account.

Windows 10 Mail

  • Open the Windows 10 Mail application, click the gear-shaped icon on the left panel, and choose the Manage Accounts option on the right panel.
  • Click Add Account -> Advanced set-up -> Internet email.
  • Fill all the fields in the Internet Email Account dialog window and click the Sign in option.
  • The Windows 10 Mail application adds the Sympatico email account and also complete the Sympatico email settings.