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How to Delete All Gmail Emails at Once

Proceed with the steps given below to delete all your Gmail email messages.

  • Launch your browser and enter the official Gmail website in the address bar.
  • Log in using your Gmail username and password.
  • Navigate to the All Mail folder in the older version site, and click on the Select icon to select all the 50 email messages displayed on the screen.
  • Click the Delete icon to remove all the selected emails.
  • Select Yes when prompted for confirmation to delete the mails.
  • Repeat the procedure for all the 50 emails on the screen for delete all Gmail Emails at once.
  • Click on the link on the top of the screen mentioning, “Select all the conversations that match this search.” Then, click on the Delete icon.
  • Enter the following in the Search section “Before:2020/03/03” and enter the current date in the date mentioned above.
  • Select all your emails and click on the Delete icon.
  • All emails from the Primary, Social, and Promotions folder will be deleted.
  • To delete the messages from the Spam folder, open the Spam folder and select all the messages, and click on the Delete button.
  • If you want to recover any deleted emails, go to the Trash folder and search for your email and retrieve it.
  • Select the mail which you want to recover and select the Move to Inbox tab.

Deleting Gmail emails from the Gmail application:

  • Open the Gmail application from your smartphone.
  • Enter the email address and password of your Gmail account. Then, tap on the Sign In button then to delete all Gmail Emails at once.
  • Go to the Inbox folder in your Gmail account.
  • On the top-left corner of the screen, tap on the Menu icon.
  • Select the down-arrow tab showing All Mail. Then, tap on the Edit option and touch Select All. 
  • Now, select all conversations and tap on the Delete icon.
  • All the selected emails will be removed from your Gmail account ie, delete all Gmail Emails at once.
How to Delete All Gmail Emails at Once