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How To Create A Professional Email Address?  

How to Create a Professional Email Address 

Creating a professional email address is quite simple, but you have to make a few considerations before creating one. Keep reading the guidelines below before to know how to create a professional email address.

  • Link to a credible domain service provider.
  • Avoid using your ISP email address.
  • Avoid using personal names or nicknames.
  • Choose the correct email format and make it short.
  • Set a standard base.
  • Look for clear security and ensure spam filters.
  • Do not indicate your profession.
  • Do not add your religion or personal character.
  • Use templates for your email.
  • Create an email for your website.
  • Exclude numbers.
  • Make it pronounceable and memorable.
  • Experiment and choose the better one.

Several email service providers are available on the Internet today. Many people used to go for services like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and Outlook, but there are more favorable options like FastMail and the ProtonMail, and Zoho Mail. To know how to create professional email address in Zoho Mail, follow these steps.

  • On your computer, launch the default browser and visit the official Zoho Mail page.
  • Buy a new domain or add and verify your domain.
  • Next, add users to your domain and create a custom domain email account.
  • You can also import users from a CSV file or Active Directory.
  • Create domain-based email accounts for groups and allow group members to receive emails from common accounts using the distribution list.
  • Set your domain MX records to point to the Zoho Mail server and so you can start receiving emails on your domain.
  • If necessary, start email migration for your users.
  • This method is similar to other service providers.
  • You have now seen how to create a professional email address.