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How To Create An Appointment From An Email In Outlook?

When you schedule an appointment, it must be an activity that you are scheduling in your calendar that does not involve any reservations. You can also choose a designation if you need to set time on a weekly or monthly basis.You can easily schedule recurring appointments and can have a view of them by day, week, or month. It helps to keep you posted on what’s coming.Let’s assume that you have received an email message and you need to know how to create the new appointment or meeting with the content received in the email message. Not sure how to deal with it? You can easily create an appointment for that particular email and then copy-paste the email content into it.With Microsoft Outlook, you can schedule or create an appointment from an email in the simplest way possible. Keep reading this page to know how to create an appointment from an email In Outlook.

how to create an appointment from an email In Outlook

Here are the steps.

  • Step 1:Turn on your computer and ensure that it is connected to the Internet.
  • Step 2:Open the default browser or the one you usually use.
  • Step 3:Log in to your Outlook email account with the login credentials.
  • Step 4:Once you gain access to your inbox, select the email for which you want to create an appointment in Outlook.
  • Step 5:Perform a right-click on the email.
  • Step 6:Select the Quick Steps option.
  • Step 7:Choose New Meeting.
  • Step 8:You will see an appointment open with the email message as an attachment.
  • Step 9:You can easily add attendees to convert the appointment into a meeting.
  • Step 10:Select the email message on your message list and choose Reply with Meeting.
  • Step 11:This will form a new appointment request with the sender.

Follow the instructions as described in this article to know how to create an appointment from an email In Outlook. Click CALL to resolve further queries regarding this topic.