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How To Get IP Blacklisting for Email Servers?  

Controlling IP blacklisting for email servers has become critical since many ISP and email filters may read your email as spam accidentally. An ISP will blacklist an email if it doesn't look legitimate. The spam filters will also go through your email contents for checking, and it processes the emails further even when the emails pass the tests. To know how to control IP blacklisting for mail servers, keep reading the instructions below.

IP Blacklisting for Email Servers 
  • One of the important reasons to get blacklisted is spam complaints from email recipients.
  • If any one of your email recipients mark your email as spam or click the This is a Spam button, then your IP will be blacklisted.
  • There are chances bounces after each email campaign, but if too many emails are getting bounced, your email server may end up on the IP blacklisting list.
  • Sometimes, you may send emails from a shared mail server, which may not have its SMTP server. In such cases, you may be in the blacklisting if the sender server is blacklisted.
  • To check if your email server's IP has been blacklisted, use a standard tool like Spamhaus, MXToolBox, Spamcop, and MultiRBL.
  • Visit the official page of any tool mentioned above and enter your IP address in the required field to check the Blocking list.
  • If your email address is displayed in the blacklist, contact your ESP or ISP to unblock your email server.
  • To avoid getting blacklisted in the future, review the recipient's email address before adding it to your active mailing list.
  • Next, remove all email addresses from your mailing list if they do not open or click a message for a certain period.
  • Use reliable email marketing software for your business.
  • Send to a confirmed opt-in list and delete bounce and unsubscribed emails. Finally, get IP blacklisting for email servers.