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How To Connect Gmail To Outlook 2016?

Are you looking for the simple and easy steps to configure your Gmail account in Outlook 2016? Then you have reached the right page to perform it. The following instructions explain how to connect Gmail to Outlook 2016 in detail.Generally, you can connect your Gmail account to the Outlook 2016 application using either IMAP or POP3. The below section covers the setup process using both servers.

How To Connect Gmail To Outlook 2016

First, let’s see the incoming and outgoing settings for the servers.


  • Step 1:Incoming mail server:
  • Step 2:Port number: 995
  • Step 3:Security type: SSL/TSL


Incoming mail server:

Port number: 993

Security type: SSL

Outgoing mail server settings- SMTP

  • Step 1:Outgoing mail server address:
  • Step 2:Port number: 465 or 587
  • Step 3:Security type: TSL or Auto

To configure your Gmail account to Outlook 2016 without an error, you have to enable the corresponding incoming server access (IMAP or POP3) on your Google account. Follow the below instructions to perform it.

Enabling IMAP or POP3 on Gmail

  • Step 1:From your computer browser, sign in to your Google account.
  • Step 2:Now, go to your account’s Settings page.
  • Step 3:Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  • Step 4:Navigate to the POP Download section.
  • Step 5:Select the Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on or Enable POP for all mail options by clicking the radio button beside it.
  • Step 6:Similarly, to enable IMAP access on your account, go to the IMAP Access section and select the Enable IMAP option.
  • Step 7:Click on the Save Changes button.

Congratulations! You have successfully enabled the IMAP or POP3 access on your Gmail account.

Enabling IMAP or POP3 on Gmail

Now, connect your Gmail account to Outlook 2016 by referring to the instructions given below.

  • Step 1:Launch the Outlook 2016 application installed on your computer.
  • Step 2:Go to the File menu of the application.
  • Step 3:Select the Info option.
  • Step 4:In the Account Information window, click on the button labeled Add Account.
  • Step 5:To configure your account settings manually, choose the option named Manual setup and click Next.
  • Step 6:In the Account Type window, select the POP or IMAP option.
  • Step 7:Now, type your account’s user information, server information, and logon information as discussed below, keep reading this page to know how to connect Gmail to Outlook 2016.

User Information

  • Step 1:Your Name: Enter your Gmail username
  • Step 2:E-mail address: Your Gmail account address

Logon Information

  • Step 1:User Name: Your Gmail address
  • Step 2:Password: Your account password

Server Information

  • Step 1:Account Type: Select POP or IMAP
  • Step 2:Incoming mail server: Type or
  • Step 3:Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
  • Step 8:Click on the More Settings button.
  • Step 9:In the Outgoing Server tab of the Internet E-mail Settings box, select the options that say My outgoing server(SMTP)… & Use same settings… and click OK.
  • Step 10: Now, click on the Advanced tab.
  • Step 11: Type the corresponding server’s port number in the respective fields.
  • Step 12: Similarly, choose the security type for the server from the drop-down menu given.
  • Step 13: Click the OK button followed by Apply.
  • Step 14: To check whether your Gmail account is connected to Outlook 2016 correctly, click the Test Account Settings button in the Add Account window.
  • Step 15: If you receive the test mail successfully, it means the account is configured correctly. Otherwise, re-perform the configuration.

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