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How To Configure Protonmail SMTP Port Settings?

This article explains how to configure the ProtonMail smtp port. Before getting directly to the configuration process, let’s get an idea about Port.Ports are a network connection’s virtual endpoints. The ports on your device are used by all kinds of network programs in order to connect to the internet including Bridge.Here, the instructions to change the port numbers in ProtonMail Bridge are given. Follow the instructions accordingly

Protonmail SMTP Port

Instructions on how to change port numbers in Bridge:

Step 1: To create new port numbers in Bridge, go to Settings. Choose Advanced Settings and tap on Change SMTP/IMAP Ports.

Step 2: The port number can be increased by one.

You can also update port numbers in client settings. To perform this, use these instructions below.

The ports that Bridge is using can be easily identified by your client configuration.

If the client configuration is already completed, then update the ports in your client settings. This process varies for each client.

In Apple (ProtonMail) Mail, this process is automatically configured. Alter the ports in the Bridge app. To perform this, go to Settings and choose Advanced Settings. Tap on Change SMTP/IMAP Ports. Then click on Bridge to set up your account with Apple Mail. Tap on Configure Apple Mail under your account username. The port numbers will be updated automatically.

That’s all. The port numbers will be updated in client settings. For more details or assistance on how to configure the ProtonMail SMTP port, click the Call button provided on this page.