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How To Configure Outlook Pop3 Settings?

Microsoft Outlook sends and receives messages over a mail server (that is a remote computer that acts as a web-based post office). There are several email services like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc., those host servers to enable email clients like Outlook to manage their accounts. Servers are responsible for delivering the email using the POP3 settings. The POP3 serves as a relay message from one client to another on the basis of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).Before we proceed with the steps, here are the server information settings you should know to configure Outlook POP3 settings. Scroll down this page to know how to configure Outlook Pop3 settings.

How To Configure Outlook Pop3 Settings

Pop3 Settings

  • Step 1:Incoming server settings:
  • Step 2:Incoming port number: 995
  • Step 3:Encryption method: TLS

Smtp Settings

  • Step 1:Outgoing server settings:
  • Step 2:Outgoing port number: 587
  • Step 3:Encryption method: STARTTLS

We will now look into the steps to configure Outlook POP3 settings.

  • Step 1:Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer (assume you are adding a Gmail account).
  • Step 2:Click the File menu and click the Add Account option.
  • Step 3:The Outlook application will ask you to enter your email address. Enter the email address and click the Connect button.
  • Step 4:Click the checkbox for the Let me set up my account manually option.
  • Step 5:Click Advanced options.
  • Step 6:Under Advanced setup, click the POP option.
  • Step 7:In the POP Account Settings window, type in the Incoming mail Server field. Enter 99 in the Port field.
  • Step 8:Type in the Outgoing mail Server field; enter the port number 587.
  • Step 9:Click the Next button.
  • Step 10:Enter the password in the field and click Connect.

Now Microsoft Outlook will sync your email account, and the new mailbox will appear on the left pane of the navigation pane. You have successfully seen the steps to know how to configure Outlook Pop3 settings. If you still have any doubts, click the CALL button for assistance.