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How To Change Signature In Outlook 365?

Change Signature In Outlook 365
  • On your computer, launch Microsoft Outlook 365 and click the File tab at the top-left corner to change signature in Outlook 365.
  • Select the Options tab from the left-side panel.
  • In the Outlook Options window, select Mail from the left-side panel.
  • Select Create or modify signatures for messages and click the Signatures button.
  • In the Signatures and Stationery window, click the Email Signature tab.
  • Under Choose default signature, select your email account from the drop-down menu next to E-mail account.
  • Next, choose the email signature you wish to change under the Select signature to edit section.
  • If you wish to rename the email signature, click the Rename button and enter the new name.
  • To change an email signature in Outlook 365, go to the Edit Signature section after choosing your signature below the Select signature to edit section.
  • Once you are done changing the email signature, click OK twice.
  • To use the new email signature, open the New Message window and select the Signature ribbon.
  • Choose the email signature you have changed recently from the drop-down list and verify it in the content field.
  • If your email signature has not changed, delete the email signature from the Email Signature tab in the Signatures and Stationery window.
  • Create a new email signature and use it for your email content.
  • If you are stuck while change signature in Outlook 365, click the Call button on this page and contact our technical experts to assist you in resolving the issue.