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How to Change Primary Email Address on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most famous social media sites. Several millions of people use it all over the world. You can add or delete your pictures, your recent activities, the places you have traveled, and a lot of other information on this most-beloved social media site.You might want to change your primary email address on Facebook due to some reasons. For instance, you would have changed your existing email address to a new one and would like to update the change on Facebook. Whatever the cause may be, the procedure to change your primary email address on Facebook is the same.Let’s now dive into the steps involved to know how to change primary email address on Facebook.

How To Change Primary Email Address On Facebook

NOTE: The following steps will apply to your Facebook account on a desktop.

  • First, open the default web browser on your computer.
  • Next, type in the URL of the Facebook website in the address bar of the browser and then press the Enter key. This action will let you access the Facebook website. And follow the on-screen steps to know how to change primary email address on Facebook.
  • If you are not logged into your account automatically, enter your login credentials to access your Facebook account.
  • You will find a drop-down arrow at the upper-right corner of the screen. Click on this arrow. A list of options will appear. From these options, select Settings.
  • You will now be taken to the General Account Settings screen.
  • Click on the Contact field. You will find your registered email accounts listed. Your Primary email address will be indicated by a radio button.
  • Click on the radio button located beside your Primary email address. In case you have only one registered email address linked to your FB account, then that email address will be the Primary email address.
  • When you click on the radio button, your Primary email address will be selected.
  • Now, click on the button named, Add another email or mobile number.
  • Enter your new email address and password. Then, click on the Add button.
  • Facebook will send you a confirmation email. You have to open this email for the purpose of confirming the changes you have made.
  • Getting back to the General Account Settings screen, you have to type in your Facebook password to save your changes.
  • After entering your password, click on the Save Changes button.
  • The email address you have designated will be used as your Facebook account’s Primary email address from now onwards.

You have now successfully know how to change primary email address on Facebook.