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How to Change sync email Settings?

sync email settings can be changed on email clients such as Windows Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and even in smartphones and tablets. You can change settings such as when you want new content to be downloaded, and toggle Email sync on/off. It is usually located inside the email client’s Settings screen under AccountsChange mailbox sync settings.

Yahoo Mail App sync email Frequency

Here are the guidelines to set the Yahoo mail app sync frequency on your mobile device.

    • Go to the Android device’s home screen and tap the Settings icon.
    • When the Settings app loads, scroll down to the Add account button, and click it.
    • Select Email and key in your Yahoo email address. Enter your Yahoo account password as well.
    • Select Next. Configure Yahoo mail sync settings and then touch Next.
    • Type a name that will be displayed when you send an email. Select Next.
    • This completes the Yahoo mail setup and sync frequency setup on an Android device.

How to change Sync Mail Setting on Iphone.?

Follow these guidelines to change sync email settings on Outlook.

  • Go to the iPhone’s home screen and tap Settings.
  • Select ‘Passwords & Accounts’ from the list and then touch the email account whose sync settings need to be changed.
  • Tap the ‘Mail Days to Sync’ button and specify the duration for the mail days to sync, such as no limit, one day, two days, etc.
  • If you select the ‘No Limit’ option, all your emails will be synchronized. Return to the iPhone's home screen by tapping the Home button.
how-to-change-sync email-setting-on-outlook

How to Change Sync Mail Setting on Outlook.?

Follow these guidelines to change mail sync settings on Outlook.

    • Open Outlook on your computer and navigate to the left-hand side panel.
    • Right-click the email address and then choose ‘Account Properties’ from the list.
    • Click the Account Settings drop-down button and then select ‘Account Settings.’
    • The Account Settings window opens. Double-click the email account whose sync email settings need to be changed.
    • Drag the ‘Mail to keep offline’ slider to the position where you want. For example, if you set it to 1 month, mails from the last month will be saved offline on your computer.
    • Click Next and close the window. This completes the mail sync settings change procedure on MS Outlook.

How to Change Outlook Mail App Sync Frequency?

There are no possible steps to change the sync email frequency in the Outlook mail application. The Outlook application has no such settings in the Outlook app.

How to Change email Sync Setting on Ipad?

Perform the following steps to change the mail sync settings on an iPad.

    • On your iPad Home screen, tap the Settings icon.
    • Under the Settings menu, tap the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option.
    • On the next screen, tap the Fetch New Data option.
    • Now, slide the On toggle button next to the ‘Push to turn off the push notifications’ option.
    • Next, tap and select the fetch schedule that you want (Manually).
    • Finally, the sync email settings on the iPad is now done.
how-to-change-sync email-setting-on-ipad
How to Change sync email Setting On Android
How to Change Mail Sync Setting On Android.?

The following steps can help you to change the mail settings on an Android.

    • On the Home screen of the Android device, touch Applications icon and then select Email.
    • Now, In the Inbox folder, touch the Menu icon.
    • Next, touch the Settings option and then select Manage Accounts.
    • Select the relevant email account. Touch Sync settings and then enable or disable Sync email by tapping it.
    • Next, touch Sync schedule and modify any of the following settings:
    • Set sync schedule.
    • While roaming.
    • Peak schedule.
    • Peak schedule settings.
    • Now, touch the Back icon in the lower right corner.
    • Finally, touch the Limit retrieval size and edit either the Limit retrieval size or While roaming option.
How do I Change Sync Settings for Gmail on Android?

With the help of the following settings, change the sync settings for Gmail on Android.

    • First, open the Gmail application on your Android device.
    • Next, tap the Menu button and then choose Label settings.
    • Next, tap Sync email messages and choose Sync: None, Sync: All, or Syn: Last 60 days.
    • Once this step is done, the email will automatically sync.
    • The sync settings for Gmail on Android is done.
How do I Change Sync Settings in Gmail?

To change the sync settings on your Gmail application, follow the instructions.

    • On your Android mobile phone, tap the Gmail application icon.
    • Tap the three-dot icon at the upper-right corner of the Gmail application.
    • Touch the Label Settings option.
    • Now, the Label Settings window opens.
    • Tap the Sync Messages option and then select the None, Last 60 days, or All option as per your wish.
How to change Email Sync Frequency on Iphone 6?

Perform the guidelines mentioned below to know how to change the sync email frequency on iPhone 6.

    • On your iPhone 6 device, tap Settings and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Select the account for which the sync frequency is to changed.
    • Touch the toggle icon next to the Synchronization option to enable it.
    • Then, touch the Mail Days to Sync option.
    • After selecting your preferred option, touch the Exchange option.
    • To change the email sync frequency on an iPhone 6, tap the Mail option followed by the Fetch New Data option.
    • Make sure to turn on the Push option.
How to change sync email Frequency on Iphone 6
How to Change Blue EMail Sync Frequency?

To change the Blue Mail sync features, follow the instructions given below.

    • Sign in to the Blue mail application.
    • Locate the Settings option and select it.
    • Click Accounts Email Settings ACCOUNTS & SYNC Sync schedule.
    • Now a list of options related to the mail settings will appear on the screen.
    • Make the sync email settings as per your need and click the Save button.
    How to Change Blue sync email Frequency
How to Change Windows 10 Mail App Sync Frequency?

Proceed with the following steps to know how to change the Windows 10 mail app sync frequency.

    • Open the Windows 10 mail app on your device.
    • Navigate to the bottom-left corner of the screen and then tap the Settings icon.
    • In the Settings window, touch the Accounts option.
    • In the Accounts window, select the account that you want to change and then tap the Change MailBox Sync email Settings option.
    • Select your preferred option from the Sync Options drop-down menu.
    • You are recommended to click the ‘As Items Arrive’ option in the Sync Options field.
How to Change Thunderbird Sync EMail Frequency?

You can change the Sync feature in the Thunderbird mail in three different ways:

    • Enable IMAP.
    • Move Profile to a mobile drive.
    • Move Profile to a network drive.
Enable IMAP
    • If you are using the POP 3 ports to download the email message, then change it to IMAP.
    • While changing the port from POP3 to IMAP, you will be prompted to re-create the account.
    • So, delete the current account by following the instructions given below.
    • Click Open Tools Account Settings Account Actions Remove account.
    • Wait for the account removal process to complete.
    • Once the account is removed, re-create it by following the instructions given below.
    • Open the Thunderbird application on your system.
    • Click File New Mail Account Add Mail Account.
    • Now you will be prompted to fill the Incoming & Outgoing fields.
Enable sync email with IMAP
    • Fill the Incoming settings Server hostname as, Port- 993, SSL- SSL/TLS, and Authentication- Normal password.
    • Similarly, set the Outgoing settings, Server hostname -, port - 587, SSL- STATTLS, and Authentications- Normal password.
    • After entering all the data, click the Done button to save the settings.
Move Profile to a mobile drive.
    • This method is quite easy to perform. Copy your Thunderbird account path and paste it on your mobile drive.
    • To copy or identify the path of your Thunderbird account, open the Command Prompt application on your computer and type the “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe” -profile “F:\My TB profile” keyword in the given field.
    • After entering it, click the OK button.
    • Copy and move the path into your mobile drive.
How to Change K9 Mail Sync Frequency?

Follow the guidelines given below to change the K9 mail sync frequency.

    • Open the K9 Mail application on your system.
    • Click the Settings tab and select the Global settings option.
    • Choose the Background sync email option from the Network drop-down menu.
    • Make changes as per your need and click the Save or Done button.