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Issue: Some of My Emails are Missing This Account 

When you cannot find an important email message on your email account, there are chances the email is lost, deleted, forwarded to some other email account, or filtered. However, there are several ways to retrieve a lost email from an email account. Read more to learn the methods to recover the some of my emails are missing on the account.

some of my emails are missing

1. Check the other folders


  • Open the Trash folder and check if the some of my emails are missing is present in it.
  • Click More and select Trash. If you find the email, right-click it and choose Move To.
  • The emails deleted within 30 days are found in the Trash folder, but you cannot find the emails deleted before 30 days.


  • After that, go to the Spam folder and check if the missing email is present in it.
  • If the email is present, click it and select Not Spam to recover it.

Also, see the other folders such as Social, Promotion and Updates.

2. Open the Archive emails

  • In case you archived the email but forgot about it, then it would be present in the Archive folder.
  • Open the Archive folder on the email account or the system and look for the missing email.
  • Still, if you cannot find the email, try out the next solution.

3. Remove the filter settings

  • On the main screen of the email account, click the gear or settings icon to fix the issue some of my emails are missing.
  • After that, the Settings window shows up, select the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.
  • If you have enabled the filter on the receiving emails, then find the filter words and click Delete to remove the filter.
  • Change the filter settings by clicking Edit.
  • Then, follow the guided instructions to know if the email got filtered and fix the issue some of my emails are missing.