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How To Fix Email Error Code 17099?

While using your Mac computer, you might encounter the email error code 17099 in Outlook emails. It prevents the sending and receiving of emails. If there are external links or spam content in your emails, this error pops up. Most of the time, you will come across this error code without any prior information or notification.

Reasons for the email error 17099 in Mac Outlook:

  • It occurs when the SMTP server returns a temporary or unexpected error.
  • It also happens when you try to send bulk emails to a large group. For example, if a user attempts to send an email to more than 50 recipients, this error might pop up. It is because the default number of recipients is 50.
  • The error might occur if there is any other program running at the same time as your Outlook. The programs that run simultaneously on your computer might hamper your Outlook.
  • You might face the email error code 17099 if your Outlook installation is incomplete.
Email Error Code 17099

Steps to fix the Outlook error 17099 in Mac:

  • In case you face this email error code 17099 because of the SMTP server, you need to rebuild the identity database. You can perform this action by making use of the Microsoft Database Utility.
  • First, check if any other application is running on your computer. If yes, close it.
  • Go to the Application folder. Navigate to Microsoft Database Utility.
  • Now, click on Microsoft Database Utility.
  • Now, your identity database will start to rebuild.
  • Once you see the message, “Your database has been successfully rebuilt,” click the Done button.
  • If the Outlook error 17099 appears due to the huge number of recipients to whom you are trying to send your email, then do the following:
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Under Settings, increase the number of recipients. In other words, change the recipients’ limit to a higher value.

Following the instructions provided above should help you fix the email error code 17099 on your Mac Outlook.