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How To Start Mailgun Smtp Settings?  

Mailgun is an SMTP relay service through which you can send your transactional or marketing emails easily. Like any other email service, Mailgun, which is a third-party email service, also uses the SMTP server to send emails. It is a cloud-based SMTP and API service that is used for sending, receiving, and tracking emails. Proceed with the steps that are given below to set up the Mailgun SMTP settings

To configure your email account, you must know the Mailgun’s SMTP server settings. In this article, we'll see how to use the Mailgun for SMTP email settings in ClickFunnels.

Mailgun SMTP settings
  • Open your Mailgun account and select the Add New Domain option.
  • Enter your domain name and open the DNS Zone Editor.
  • Now, create a new TXT record for SPF settings while configure Mailgun SMTP settings.
  • Copy and paste your SPF record in the value input field and make sure to save the settings.
  • Now, create a TXT record for the DKIM settings.
  • In the name section, enter your hostname without your domain.
  • Also, copy and paste the DKIM into the value input.
  • Add your MX records by creating 2 MX records.
  • In the name input section, type mg.
  • Type in the first MX record value input.
  • Type in the second MX record value input.
  • Enter the outgoing (SMTP) mail server as
  • Enter the port number as 587 for a secured TLS encrypted connection.
  • In the username section, enter the full email address of your account.
  • Type your email password correctly.
  • Select the Verify email settings on the right panel of the SMTP settings page.
  • Choose the default SMTP option and click save SMTP integration.
  • Now, you have successfully configured your email account using Mailgun SMTP settings.