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JIRA Incoming Mail Configuration Settings

Configuring the incoming mail handler will help you to control how all the email messages are to be handled. You can also include another mail server settings as per your need. The JIRA incoming mail configuration settings, carry out the step-by-step instructions given on this web page.

JIRA incoming mail configuration settings
  • Start the Jira software, click the gear-shaped or Settings icon, and choose the System option.
  • Select the Mail option followed by the Incoming Mail option.
  • If you already have a mail handler, click the Edit option.
  • If you want to include a new mail handler, click the Add Incoming Mail Handler option.
  • Create a name in the Description field.
  • Specify a server that you want to JIRA incoming mail configuration.
  • IMAP: To scan email messages from a specific folder other than the Inbox folder; mention the folder name.
  • Local files: Mention the sub-directory structure within the Import/Mail sub-directory.
  • You have to mention the delay between the incoming mail handler’s running time.
  • The delay settings would be in minutes.
  • Instead of specifying the delay time, you can set a frequency to scan the mail server.
  • Go to the Mail Handler Type field and choose your mail handler.
  • By default, the mail handler will be created automatically. If you want to use additional incoming mail rules, you can use any one of the mail handlers mentioned here.
  • Mail Handler: Handler params and Forward Email.
  • Click the Next option and fill the required fields.
  • To check if the mail handler is working correctly, click the Test option.
  • Make sure to copy an email that contains the ‘line to the configured directory’ subject.
  • Because Jira will delete this email file once it is parsed.
  • Finally after completing the JIRA incoming mail configuration, save the mail handler by clicking the Add option.