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How Can I Do iPhone Hardware Repair?  

iPhone is one of the most expensive mobile phones around the world. This phone is used by all age groups, from elders to teenagers. Generally, if you keep using an iPhone or any other mobile phone continuously for more than an hour, there is a chance for the device to be overheated. If this condition continues for a while, then it may result in a hardware issue so you have to do iPhone hardware Repair. Not only overheating, there are also some other causes that could lead to the hardware problem. Based on your phone model and usage, the cause of the hardware issue or problem might vary. The section below will help you to solve some common iPhone hardware issues manually.


  • Most of us might have encountered this issue. On your iPhone, even after closing all the applications, some programs might run in the background.
  • These applications could lead to overuse of the battery on your iPhone.
  • To fix this issue, try to close all running applications.
  • After closing the applications, restart your iPhone.

Close all running applications

  • If your iPhone has the Home button, then double-press it quickly for iPhone hardware repair.
  • If there is no Home button on your iPhone, then turn it on and swipe up from the bottom on the main screen.
  • Now, the applications that are running will appear on the screen.
  • To close an application, swipe it up.
  • Similarly, close all the applications.
  • After that, restart your iPhone by following the instructions given below.
  • Hold down the Power/Lock button until the Slide to power off message appears on the screen.
  • Wait for your iPhone to turn off completely.
  • Again, turn it on by repeating the same process.
  • Hold down the Power/Lock button and release it once the Apple Logo appears on the screen.
  • Note: You can also perform the Restart process if your iPhone’s touch screen stops working whilw iPhone hardware repair process is going on.


This issue has been encountered by most of the iPhone users frequently. To fix this issue, force restart your iPhone by following the instructions given below.

  • Locate the Sleep/Wake and Sleep/Wake buttons and hold them together for approximately 5 seconds.
  • Perform the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the process.


  • First, check your device’s volume level.
  • If it is low or set to silent, then try to increase the volume level using the volume buttons.
  • If your iPhone’s screen or battery is damaged, then replace it from Apple Authorized Service Provider.
  • Contact us to get more remote assistance for iPhone hardware repair on your iPhone device.
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