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How To Do Ionos Email Settings?

You can set up your IONOS email account on any email client. You will need the Ionos email settings to configure your account. It is not recommended to manually set up your server settings unless you are facing problems related to sending and receiving email messages. Carry out the steps that are given below to set up your IONOS mail account.

Ionos email settings
  • Open the email client in which you want to configure the Ionos email settings.
  • Select the Add account section and type the login credentials of your email account.
  • Choose either IMAP or POP as the account type.
  • Enter your full email address in the Username section.
  • Type your IONOS mail password correctly.
  • The incoming mail server address for IMAP is
  • For a secured encrypted connection, choose SSL. Then, enter the port number as 993.
  • Type 143 as the port number for an insecure connection.
  • If you have selected POP as your account type, enter the incoming mail server address as
  • For a secured SSL encrypted connection, enter the port number as 995.
  • Type 110 as the port number for an insecure connection.
  • Once you have entered the incoming mail server credentials, navigate to the Outgoing mail server tab.
  • The Outgoing mail server (SMTP) address is
  • Enter 445 as the port number for a secured SSL connection.
  • You can also select TLS/STARTTLS instead of an SSL connection. The port number for the TLS connection is 587.
  • Make sure to save the settings you have made.
  • Now, the configuration of Ionos email settings is completed and you will be able to send and receive email messages on your AOL Mail account.