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How To Fix Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 15?

While accessing the Yahoo mail account, you may face some issues, and a message stating Temporary error 15 may appear. If this error appears, you cannot access your email account further.To solve the Yahoo Mail Temporary error 15, follow the following troubleshooting steps one-by-one.

Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 15

Step 1: Reload the webpage

Refresh or reload the web page on your browser to check whether the temporary error 15 has been cleared. Sometimes, the Yahoo mail temporary error 15 clears by itself.

Step 2: Sign out of the mail account

  • Try to sign out of your Yahoo mail account, if possible.
  • Also, if you have logged into your Yahoo email account on any other device like mobile phone, iPad, etc., then sign out on those devices as well.
  • If you have installed Yahoo Mail app on any of those devices, then uninstall it. You can re-install the Yahoo Mail app later when the issue is solved.

Step 3: Verify your web browser

  • Make sure that the web browser you use to access Yahoo mail is supported by Yahoo.
  • The list of Yahoo supported web browsers are Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge. The Internet Explorer web browser is no longer supported by Yahoo.

Step 4: Clear the browser cache

The browser cache may also be one of the reasons for the Yahoo mail's temporary error 15. So clearing the cache and cookies would clear the temporary error.

Clear cache & cookies in Chrome web browser:

  • Open the Chrome web browser and click the More icon.
  • Select the More tools option followed by the Clear browsing data option to fix the yahoo mail temprorary error 15.
  • Select the time period to clear the data. Click the checkboxes near the Cookies and other site data, and Cached imaged and files options.
  • Select the Clear data option.

Clear cache & cookies in Firefox web browser:

  • When Firefox is launched, click the menu button, select Options, and then select the Privacy & Security option in the left panel.
  • Select the Clear Data option under Cookies and Site Data.
  • In the Clear Data window, enable the checkboxes and click the Clear button.

Step 5: Restart the browser

After clearing the browser data, make sure to restart your web browser. If possible, restart your computer. Then launch the browser and log in to the Yahoo mail account and check if the yahoo mai temproray error 15 is resolved.