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Issue: Yahoo Mail Not Working on Desktop  

Yahoo mail is a free email service that is widely used by millions of users. Some users are facing issues when logging in to their Yahoo mail account from desktop. Mostly users face this issue while accessing the Yahoo account from the particular desktop for the first time. Consider the steps that are given below to fix the Yahoo mail not working on desktop issue.

Yahoo mail not working on desktop
  • Make sure that your desktop is connected to the Internet if not you may get the error Yahoo mail not working on desktop.
  • If there are any issues with your Internet Service Provider, you can connect your desktop to a mobile hotspot.
  • If you are using a browser to log in to your Yahoo account, make sure to use the right credentials.
  • If you have forgotten the mail password, you can reset it.
  • Clear the browser cache and update your browser. Also, remove cookies and delete the browsing history.
  • If the issue persists, reset your browser to the factory defaults.
  • Otherwise, try logging in to your Yahoo account from another browser. Make sure to use a compatible browser like Chrome or Safari.
  • If your operating system is outdated, update it to the latest version.
  • Sometimes the firewall or antivirus programs installed on your computer might be blocking the Yahoo mail application from receiving emails.
  • In such cases, you can temporarily stop or disable the antivirus program and check if the issue is resolved.
  • If you have configured your Yahoo mail account on an email client, make sure to enter the right server credentials.
  • If the server is down in your area, you can try logging in to your account after a few hours.
  • Once the Yahoo mail not working on desktop issue is solved, you could access your Yahoo mail account from the desktop.