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Issue: Messages Not Syncing Between Iphone and Ipad  

Apple’s iCloud feature syncs the iMessage and SMS messages on your iPhone and iPad. With this, you can view all your messages on both the Apple devices. Even you can see the sent and received messages synced on the Apple iCloud. At times you may witness a problem where your device does not sync the iMessage and SMS messages. The possible solutions to fix the issue messages not syncing between iPhone and iPad are given here.

Solution-1: Verify the Apple ID

  • If your iPad and iPhone are using two different Apple IDs, then the iMessage does not sync.
  • Go to the Settings screen on your iPhone and iPad.
  • If you have signed in to the Apple ID, the account name will appear at the top.
  • Check if both the accounts are the same.
  • If the accounts are different, change them so that both devices use the same ID untill you face the issue messages not syncing between iPhone and iPad.
messages not syncing between iPhone and iPad

Solution-2: Turn on the iMessage

  • The messages do not sync when the Message is disabled on any one of the devices.
  • Open the Settings app and select your Apple ID.
  • Under Apps using iCloud, tap the slider button of Message to enable it.
  • Follow the same step on the iPhone and the iPad.

Solution-3: Change the Settings

  • Launch the Settings app and select Messages.
  • Tap Send & Receive.
  • Under the ‘You can be reached by iMessage at’ section, select the email address you are using on the other Apple device.
  • Check if the iPhone number is grayed, which indicates messages are in sync.
  • If the iPhone number is not grayed, return to the Message screen.
  • Select iMessage and then tap the toggle switch to turn it on.
  • Use the same procedure to turn on the other iOS device and fix the issue messages not syncing between iPhone and iPad.