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Exchange Email Server

Microsoft Exchange email server that helps to manage your emails. To know more about the Exchange mail server on iPhone, Mac, and Linux, refer to the content provided below.

Server for Exchange Email on Iphone

To know how to configure Exchange email on your iPhone, refer to the guidelines given below.?

  • On your iPhone, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars in the Settings window.
  • Tap the Add Account option followed by the Microsoft Exchange option.
  • Type the email address you need to configure in the Email field.
  • After filling the Password and the Description fields in the Exchange window, tap the Next button on the screen.
  • Now, enter the correct details in the Server, Domain, Username, and Password fields to perform exchange email server.
  • Tap Next after completing all the required information.
  • When you see the next screen, tap the Save button.

Exchnage Server Archive Emails

Carry out the step-by-step guidelines below to enable the archive mailbox through the console.

  • Launch the Exchange Management Console window.
  • Click the Recipient Configuration tab followed by the Mailbox tab at the left panel.
  • Once you have selected your desired mailbox, right-click it.
  • Click the Enable Archive option to open the Enable Archive Mailbox window.
  • Click the radio button next to the Create a local archive or Create a remotely hosted archive option.
  • If you select the Create a local archive option, make sure to mark the checkbox next to the ‘Select a specific mailbox database rather than having one selected automatically’ option for perform exchange email server.
  • The last step is to click OK to apply the settings. The Exchange Archive Mailbox is now created.

How to find Server for Exchange Email?

Finding the Exchnage Server Address from Iphone Mail Application

  • After opening the Mail application on your iPhone, tap the Settings option. Move to the Mail section and then tap the Accounts option.
  • Select your email address. Navigate to the Exchange section and then tap the Account option.
  • Go to the Server field to view the server address of the Exchange email server account.

Findong the Exchnage Server Address from the Outlook Account in MAC

  • On the Mac computer, click the Outlook tab that is located at the top of the screen.
  • Select the Preferences option.
  • When you see the Outlook Preferences window on the screen, navigate to the Personal Settings section and select the Accounts option.
  • Now the Accounts window appears on the screen.
  • Move the cursor to the Accounts tab that is located at the bottom-right corner of the screen and then click it.
  • As soon as the next window opens, click the Server tab.
  • Move to the Microsoft Exchange section. Go to the Server field, you can view the server address of the Exchange email server account.

Finding the Exchange Server Address on your Windows Computer

  • Once you launch the main window of the Outlook application on the Windows computer, click the File tab followed by the Info option.
  • Click Account Settings Account Settings to view the Account Settings window.
  • Now, you will see a list of the email accounts.
  • Double-click the Exchange Email Account option in the Email Accounts list.
  • The Server Settings window will be displayed on the screen. Move to the Server field to view the Exchange account’s server address.
Finding the Exchange Email Server Address on your Windows Computer
How to Read Email from Exchange Server

How to Read Email from Exchange Server?

To know how to read an email from the Exchange email server, refer to the instructions mentioned below.?

  • Open the readMail - Microsoft Visual Studio window.
  • Click the Solution Explorer button at the right panel of the screen and then select the readMail option.
  • Click the Manage NuGet Packages option.
  • Click in the search bar and then type Microsoft Exchange in it.
  • Navigate to the Microsoft Exchange WebServices option, click the Install button.
  • Type the appropriate programming code on the main panel.
  • For any clarifications, contact our technical support team.

Linux Email Client Exchange Server

Proceed with the instructions mentioned here to set up an Evolution account using the Exchange mail server on Linux.

  • Launch the main interface of the Evolution email client. Click the Edit tab and then select the Preferences option.
  • On the next window that appears, navigate to the Mail Accounts tab.
  • Click the Add button to display the Account window.
  • Fill the necessary information in the appropriate fields like Full Name and Email Address (for default account), Reply-to-address, and Organization.
  • Click the Forward button to view the Receiving Email window. Select the Exchange MAPI option from the Server Type drop-down menu.
  • Type the Exchange email server address in the Server field. After filling the Username and Domain Name fields, click the Authenticate button.
  • Now, click Forward to proceed. The Receiving Options window will be displayed on the screen.
  • In the Checking for new mail section, you will see the following options, namely, Check for new messages (time) and Check for new messages in all folders. Select the checkboxes next to both the options mentioned above.
  • Also, select options based on your requirement in the Options section. Click the Forward button to open the next window.
  • After entering the account name in the appropriate field, click the Forward button followed by the Apply button.

Server Address for Exchange Email on MAC

Opening the Add Account Window

  • If you are setting up a mail account for the first time, the Add Account window will appear on the screen when you click the Mail icon.
  • To configure the mail account for the first time, launch the main window of the Mail account by clicking the Mail tab on the computer’s desktop.
  • Click the Preferences option followed by the plus icon.
Opening the Add Account Window For Exchange Email Server

How to Change Mail Sync Setting On Android.?

  • When you see the Add Account window, fill the Full Name, Email Address, and Password fields and then click the Continue button.
  • Now, you will see the Incoming Mail Server window on the screen.
  • Select the Exchange option from the Account Type drop-down menu.
  • In the Description field, type the account name.
  • Type the relevant details in the Incoming Mail Server, User Name, Password, Outlook Web Access Server fields.
  • When the Incoming Mail Server window displays on the screen, click the Continue button.
  • Now, the Outgoing Mail Server window displays on the screen.
  • After filling the appropriate information in the Description, Outgoing Mail Server, User Name, Password fields, select the checkbox next to the Use only this server option.
  • Also, checkmark the box next to the Use Authentication option.
  • Click the Continue button in the Outgoing Mail Server window to open the Account Summary window.
  • Check the details and then click the Create Account option to perform exchange email server.

How to Retrieve Emails from Exchange Server?

The following steps can help you to recover emails from the Exchange server.

  • First, start the Microsoft Management Console and click the Exchange Server option.
  • Next, click the Mailbox Restore view option.
  • Choose one or more mail boxes to be retrieved.
  • The entire mail box will be retrieved while doing the exchange email server.
  • To restore individual messages, make use of Item-Level Mailbox Filters. Click the Show Filter Options and then select Add Row.
  • Go to Column Name and choose the item that you want to filter.
  • Choose an operator and set a filter value in the respective fields.
  • Specify a suitable restore option by clicking the Show Restore Options. Click one of:
  • Restore Mail to Original Location.
  • Restore Mail to Alternate Location.
  • Restore Mail to non-Unicode PST file.
  • Restore the Mail to Unicode PST file.
  • Restore Public Folder Mailbox.
  • Restore Mail to Archive Mailbox.
  • Exclude recoverable mail items while restoring the mailbox.

Recover Deleted Emails from Exchange Server

Perform the following steps to recover deleted emails from the Exchange server.

  • When the user deletes a mail, it is usually sent to the deleted folder in the user’s mail box. If the user deletes the mail from the Deleted Items folder (Soft Delete Operation), the mails is stored in the Recoverable Items folder.
  • First, launch the Outlook Exchange and click the Deleted items folder under Home.
  • Right-click the folder and then click Recover Deleted Items.
  • A new window will appear displaying all the deleted items that are available for recovery.
  • Now, choose the items that you want to recover.
  • Next, click the Recover Selected Items option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Finally, click the OK button to complete the recovery process.

Outlook Email Exchange Server Settings

The following are the Outlook email exchange server settings.

  • Exchange Server address :
  • Exchange port: 443
  • Exchange Username : email address for
  • Exchange password: password for
  • Exchange TLS/SSL encryption required : Yes.
Outlook Email Exchange Email Server Settings

Iphone not Receiving Emails from Exchnage Server

When you are not receiving emails from the Exchange server on your iPhone, carry out the solutions mentioned here.

  • Make sure your device is connected to the Internet.
  • Check if you have specified the correct email settings.
  • Try deleting your account and re-adding it.
  • If the issue persists, open your mail account through webmail and check if you are able to send and receive emails.
  • If you are able to send/receive mails, then the issue is with your device or the mail app installed on it.
  • check for the network connection on your iPhone.
  • Also, check the relay restriction settings in the Exchange email server.

Email Deleted on Iphone not Deleted on Exchnage Server

When your email gets deleted on your iPhone, carry out the quick solutions mentioned here.

Solution 1
  • After opening the Inbox folder in the Outlook webmail on your Windows computer, click the gear icon followed by the More Mail Settings option to do the exchange email server.
  • Navigate to the Managing your Account section and then select the ‘Pop and deleting download messages’ option.
  • Mark the box next to the ‘Do what my other program says-if it says to delete messages, then delete them’ option.
  • To save the changed settings, click the Save button.
Solution 2
  • Open the Outlook Mail application on your Windows computer.
  • Once you click the gear ( Settings) icon at the top-right corner of the screen, select Options to display the Options window.
  • Select the Accounts option followed by the POP and IMAP option on the left panel of the screen.
  • On the main panel, navigate to the POP Options section and click the radio button next to the Yes option.
  • Also, click the radio button beside the ‘Let apps and devices delete messages from Outlook’ option.
  • Search for the Save button in the Options window and then click it to save the modifications.
Exchange Email not Connecting to Server

Updating or creating an Outlook profile with RPC encryption will help you resolve the connection issue by proceeding with the solution mentioned below if the exchange email server not connrctrd.

Updating an Existing Outlook Profile Manually
  • Select the Mail application from the Control Panel menu.
  • After clicking the Show Profiles button, select your Outlook profile.
  • Select the Properties option followed by the E-mail Accounts option.
  • Select your Microsoft Exchange account and then click the Change button.
  • When you see the new dialog box, search for the More Settings button and click it.
  • As soon as you see the Microsoft Exchange window on the screen, navigate to the Security tab.
  • Once you click the Encrypt data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Exchange option, click the OK button.
  • Click the Next button followed by the Finish button.
  • Click the Close button twice and then click OK.
RPC Encryption
  • If you are using the Outlook application, the RPC encryption feature is enabled by default.
  • So, you need to deploy a group policy setting to update the existing Outlook profiles.
  • First, download the Office 2013 ADM templates.
  • Before opening the Local Group Policy Editor window, add both the .admx and adml files to your domain controller.
  • In the Account Settings section, select the Exchange option.
  • After double-clicking the Enable RPC Encryption policy option, go to the Settings tab and click the Enabled option followed by the OK button when you complete the exchange email server.