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Email Error Code 0x80004005

The email error code 0X80004005 on Microsoft Outlook represents the “Operation failed” error. You can carry out the procedure given below to solve the operation failed error on Microsoft Outlook.

Method 1:

The error 0X80004005 may occur when you are trying to open a message and send it from the Drafts folder, which may be a read-only message.

Steps to fix the operation failed error:

  • Open the Draft message from the email application.
  • Click the Format Text tab above the message. Then, select Rich Text.
  • Close the message after clicking the Save button.
  • Open the Draft message again and click the Format Text tab.
  • Select the HTML option in the format area. Then, click Save.
  • Now, you can send the draft message by adding a recipient to the address bar.

Method 2:

Error due to Script blocking feature:

The Error 0X80004005 usually happens when you have turned on the Script blocking feature in the Norton Antivirus software. Proceed with the steps given below to disable script blocking.

  • Launch the Norton Antivirus application and select the Script Blocking option.
  • Uncheck the Enable Script Blocking box to disable it. Then, click OK to fix Email Error Code 0x80004005.

Method 3:

Disable New-Mail notification feature :

  • Launch the Microsoft Outlook 2016 application and click Options from the File menu.
  • When the Outlook options windows prompt up, click the Mail option from the list.
  • Uncheck the Display a Desktop Alert box in the message arrival section.

Method 4:

  • You can solve the 0X80004005 error by installing a suitable repair tool on your computer.
  • The repair tool restores all lost data and recovers corrupted files.
  • Choose the best repair tool for your device and fix the Email Error Code 0x80004005 issue quickly.