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The Error Code 10060 in Comcast indicates the SMTP connection failure. This error occurs when the outgoing mail server connection fails while sending an email from the email client. If you wish to fix the error code 10060, follow the below-mentioned methods.

Comcast Smtp 10060 Error Code

Solution: 1

  • If you are using the Mozilla Thunderbird as your email client, launch the Thunderbird application first.
  • Click the Thunderbird menu and select Tools Edit --> Account Settings.
  • Select Outgoing Server(SMTP) from the left-side panel.
  • Check if the outgoing mail server settings are configured correctly.
  • Check if you have selected Comcast as your domain in the outgoing mail server name(
  • Navigate to the mail provider’s site and refer to the mail server settings to change the outgoing mail server settings on your email account(if necessary).
  • Check if the error code appears again.
  • If the problem persists, try resolving the error using the below-mentioned solution.

Solution: 2

  • On your email client, navigate to mail server settings and check if the port number is set to default.
  • If you are using an encrypted connection for sending and receiving emails, you need to set the correct port number.
  • For SSL, you need to use port number 465.
  • For TLS, port number 587 must be configured.
  • f you have configured the incoming mail server settings as a secure connection, the outgoing mail server should be the same.
  • Even if your ISPs blocked the default port or outgoing email port on 25, you cannot send a message from your email client.
  • Therefore, change the default port number(25) to a secure port(465 or 587)to resolve the error code 10060.