Global Mail eXchange (GMX) is a free web-based email service provider that is specially designed for advertising purposes. Even if it is a web-based email service, you can access it from your smartphone using its mobile app. This free email is designed to meet all your emailing needs. Some highlighting features provided by the GMX email account are listed below:

  • Step : 1Mail Collector
  • Step : 2Address Book
  • Step : 3Organizer
  • Step : 4File Storage

Creating and accessing the GMX email account is a simple and easy task to perform. However, there are some issues encountered by the users. On this page, you’re going to see how to fix the login issue with your GMX account.

For Web browser

If you can’t log in to your GMX Mail account from a web browser, then try the simple troubleshooting instructions given below.

Entering the correct credentials

In most cases, the login issue occurs due to entering wrong or incorrect credentials. So, first, check whether you have entered your GMX Mail account’s username and password correctly in the given fields. If not, re-enter them correctly and then click the Login button.

Deactivating “Caps Lock”

Basically, the GMX account password is case-sensitive. When you type the password with the Caps Lock button activated, the entered text will be CAPITALIZED. To avoid it, check whether the Caps Lock button is activated on your computer. If yes, deactivate it and re-enter the password in the given fields.

Using the new password

If you have changed your GMX account password recently, then enter it manually in the given field. (The old password that you saved in the browser may auto-write when you click the Password field.) Delete the saved password if necessary.

For smartphone

If you can’t log in to your GMX Mail account from the smartphone, then check whether you’re using the latest version of the GMX mail application. Update the GMX application if you’re running the old version of it.

If you still can’t log in to your GMX Mail account, then contact us by clicking the Call button provided on this page.