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How To Create B2B Lead Nurturing Email Examples?

B2B Lead Nurturing is the process of developing a relationship with buyers at every stage of the sale. When compared to other strategies, the lead nurturing emails works effectively. On this page, we’ll see some B2B Lead Nurturing Email Examples.

B2B lead Nurturing email examples


This one will help you to connect all your apps and add new buyers from Shopify to nurture your leads. On the Zapier pages, you can find more attention-grabbing content. More than just adding attractive content, Zapier also has a section at the bottom. In this section, you could see a call to action. If Zapier had written completely about itself, then it would have been a forced call to action. But Zapier has nailed it to perfection, with the value-adding information in the email that could boost the trust and B2B lead Nurturing email examples.


Shopify is also quite similar to Zapier. Through Shopify, you can set up an online store of your desire. It also publishes some small business tips on its page that may help you to develop your business in many ways. Having these kinds of articles, tips, and blogs would help in nurturing leads. Also, Shopify has a Start your free trial link at the top right-hand corner of its page, instead of the usual sign up for trial link. So, having a subtle call to action in your emails would generate more leads.

Quick Sprout

The Quick Sprout lead nurturing email almost looks like a personal email. There is no big feature image or company branding. There are four call to actions in this text-based lead nurturing email. Out of the four, three links redirect you to the article. Thus, it is not compulsory to have a fancy template for your nurturing email.


Using Canva, you can create beautiful designs and documents. A web app, iPad app, and the Canva button are included by Canva to help their customers make designs. In Canva’s lead nurturing email, more drawing and image options are used compared to other examples. Like Zapier and Shopify, Canva also uses this as an opportunity to add new users who haven’t tried their service with a call to action to create B2B lead Nurturing email examples.