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Sync My Mail

Sync My Mail With The Help Of Email Setup Center

You can sync your mail with your devices and other email accounts. Follow the procedure that is mentioned below to sync your mail successfully from email setup center.

How To Enable Mail Sync In G-mail?

Open the Gmail app on your device and tap the menu icon available on the top-left corner of the screen.Select the Settings option and check if the Sync Gmail option is checked. If not, highlight the box. You have now turned on mail sync on your device.

How To Change Mail System Frequency ?

Syncing your Email constantly will lead to more data usage. You can set the email syncing frequency according to your choice in many of the mail apps. There are inbuilt durations in the app, and it will sync the mail based on the time period you have specified. Instructions are given from the email setup center.

Automated Email Sync
How to Turn ON
How to Turn ON?

To turn on the Automatic Sync feature, you have to select the Email option from the Apps menu.

How to Turn Off
How to Turn Off?

From your device, go to the Settings menu and select the Accounts option.